Friday, January 21, 2011

Valentine's Day Past: Part One

Can you believe the stores have had Valentine decorations out since the day after Christmas? Geesh!  I feel like we rush from one holiday to another, barely giving ourselves enough time to enjoy the present moment. 

Now that we are officially "close" to the holiday though I thought I would share some crafty holiday ideas with you from previous blog posts.  Don't worry!  I'm also crafting away and will have new ideas to share too!  I'm just crazy-busy getting ready for the Craft and Hobby Association Trade Show and need to focus my creative energy on that right now.  So here we to Valentine's Day Past....

I posted this project in 2009 on my craft club's blog.  The club doesn't meet anymore, but I do love this project, so I thought I would share it with you.

Crafty Goodness Chocolate Box

This project is really easy and gives an almost porcelain look to a chipboard box.

Heart Shaped Box Tutorial

And finally, who can resist a box of chocolates?  Especially when they are actually mini-cupcakes?