Thursday, February 24, 2011

Apron Merit Badges

I'm so excited to be published in the latest issue of Apronology Magazine.  A magazine about aprons?  Who could ask for more? My great-grandmother, who sewed all her own dresses with aprons to match, would be so proud!
I wrote an article about my Apron Merit Badges.  To celebrate, I'm offering merit badges, along with a signed copy of the magazine, in my Etsy shop.  My first batch of pins sold-out completely.  (I guess there are a lot of cooks out there who deserve a merit badge!)  I'm busy embroidering more, but I do have a couple of listings up if you are interested.  If you are interested in one and don't see any left, email me and I'll whip-up a custom one for you.  I think an Apron Merit Badge and a copy of the gorgeous magazine, Apronology, would make a lovely Mother's Day gift, don't you? (And, at only $20 it's a super bargain.  I mean the magazine alone costs $14.99!) To order, visit my Etsy Shop