Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sweetheart Pillow

The infamous pillow.  The one I told you I struggled with over the weekend.  I gave it another go yesterday and got closer to getting what I wanted.  But not quite.  It still needs a little research and development before I can share the tutorial.  Seeing it though, close to the way I want it, is giving me the incentive to work on it. 

Up until now, coming up with ideas and writing tutorials has been easy for me.  But this one has forced me to work.  To stretch outside my comfort zone.  As difficult as that can be, it's really the only way I'll improve my skills.  So I'll keep working away on this.  One day I'll proudly share my wonderful tutorial.  Just you wait and see.

This is coming at a time when I'm struggling through some other projects and opportunities that are terrifying to me.  Pushing myself.  Hoping that good things are on the horizon and that "putting myself out there" is going to lead me to new places I never dreamed of.  Will you hold my hand as I go?