Friday, March 18, 2011

Behind the Scenes of When Creativity Knocks

Sometimes I feel like a bad mother.  I'm not great at doing "kiddie" activities with my daughter.  Instead of Chuck E Cheese, we go to the Japanese Market and buy Japanese magazines and eat noodles at the food court.  We only go to the park once a week, not every day after school. In fact, yesterday after school, my daughter came home to the craft show, When Creativity Knocks, being filmed in our kitchen.  She even got to be in an episode with me.  It was very exciting for both of us and I can't wait until our episode airs and we can share it with you.  Here are some scenes from our day:

WCK Host, Ana Arujo, doing a light test before filming starts.  I contributed to the shoot by playing "Craft Services" and laid out a spread of food to keep the talent and crew happy and well-fed.

Producer/Director/Editor, Scott Pfieffer sets up for the shoot.

A fantastic episode being filmed.  I'll let you know when these air, so you can check them out!  It's kind of cool to think my home will be the background for 5 episodes!  Good thing I cleaned-up the day before!

A peek at the set-up for my episode.

My daughter and I collaborated on a project and it was so fun to have her with me while I demonstrated our ideas!

After an exciting day, my daughter seemed pretty pleased with the whole process.  Maybe one day, when she looks back on experiences like these, she won't miss the trips to Chuck E Cheese or the park.  Maybe she'll look back on her childhood and think it was pretty special after all.  A mother can only hope.