Friday, March 11, 2011

Shamrock Headband for St. Patrick's Day

Let's say you want to be festive on March 17th, but you aren't really into glittery shamrocks glued to springs shooting off your headband.  I mean, let's face it, the St. Patrick's Day stuff they have in stores caters to someone who is planning to spend the holiday drinking green beer.  Not that I have anything against green beer...actually I do because it makes me sick...but that's another story. Okay, where was I?  Oh yes, looking for understated St. Pat's Day accessories.  I couldn't find them.  So I made one.  Introducing my sophisticated (and child appropriate) Shamrock Headbands.  Here's how to make them:

Stretchy handband in a color of your choice.
Felt in green, white, black
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue

Fiskars Oval Shape Cutter Template (optional)
Fiskars Heart Shaped Squeeze Punch (optional)

  1. Cut out our felt into ovals in graduating sizes.  Mine measured accordingly:  The largest, green felt oval measured 2" x 2.5", the black oval measure 1.5" x 2" and the 1" x 1.5".  I used Fiskars' oval shape cutter plate as a template.
  2. Cut shamrock shape out of green felt.  I cut three small hearts out, and one small stem.  If you don't want to free-hand the hearts, use a Fiskars' Heart Hand Punch. (I couldn't cut through felt with it, but I just punched a paper template and used it to cut out perfect heart shapes.)  To give the shamrock some dimension, I folded each heart in half and ironed it.  Be careful!  The hearts are very tiny and the iron is very hot!  Keep your fingers clear of the iron. 
  3. Glue your smallest oval (the white one) onto the middle sized oval (the black one).
  4. Using tacky glue, apply the hearts (in a shamrock shape) and your stem onto the white oval.  If you ironed a seam in the middle of the hearts, just run a line of glue down the back of the seam to maintain the dimension your risked burning your fingers for.
  5. Put glue onto the back of your black oval.  Lay the headband down onto the oval, centering it.  Then lay the largest oval (the green one) over the headband.  Make sure everything is straight and let it dry.
Another option for this project:  Instead of cutting-out hearts, you could use my flower to shamrock technique instead.  Check-out this post for more information.