Sunday, March 13, 2011

Something Blue Wedding Headband

I must be in a hair accessory kind of mood this week.  First my Shamrock headband and now one fit for a bride!  This is the simplest of wedding tutorials.  It takes about five minutes to make.  Exactly the amount of time a bride has to get crafty when she's planning her wedding.  I think it would be sweet on a bride, but it's also perfect for bridesmaids or flower girls.  And the great thing is everyone can wear it again!  It's romantic enough for a wedding, but not so "wedding-y" (yes, I made that word up) that you couldn't wear it with a sweet summer dress.  Here's how to make it:


Iron-on applique (I found mine at Joann Fabric and Craft Stores)
Aleene's Original Tacky Glue

  1. Apply glue to applique and attach to headband.  Be sure to only apply glue where you want the applique to be attached to the headband.  As you can see in my photos, I let some of the applique float off the headband, giving it an airy look.
  2. Allow glue to dry and place on head
See?  I told you it was quick and easy!  Since you have so much extra time left, why not check-out my super cool Burlesque Paper Cake project for a Bachelorette party or maybe make some Glitter Lace Votives for the reception centerpieces?  You can also visit my fellow designers' blogs.  We're all working on wedding ideas today.  To check-out what everyone else is doing, just click on the button below and it will move you right along.