Monday, March 28, 2011

Wonky Log Cabin Quilt

I was really unsure of this quilt.  Once the top was completed, I really didn't know if my fabric choices were okay.  You know how judges on shows like Project Runway tell people they "question their taste"?  Well, I was definitely questioning mine.  But the one thing I do know about quilts is that you usually can't judge them until they are done.  (Which stinks because by the time you are quilting it, you've already invested a lot of time and fabric in the project!) But the quilting really makes all the difference. I was still questioning myself after it was quilted though.  Then I added the binding and it has grown on me.

The pattern is the Wonky Log Cabin.  I love anything wonky, because I'm not exactly known for my ability to cut straight lines.  Now I can pretend I meant for the cutting to be a little uneven. 

Regardless of my taste, I'm proud of myself because I set a goal to get this quilt done within the month.  I carefully counted out the weeks until my deadline, and assigned myself steps to get done each week.  Even though I was often frustrated with the look of the quilt, I pushed on and I finished it four days before my deadline.  It feels good to get done, and have one more quilt under my belt.  With each quilt I make, I feel like I learn something.  What did you learn the last time you sewed a quilt?