Thursday, April 7, 2011

Boiled Eggs and Soldiers

Today is my Grandmother's birthday!  I made her a custom Apron Merit Badge in homage to one of my favorite childhood memories.  Whenever we spent the night at her house she always served us our favorite breakfast, soft boiled eggs with buttery toast strips to dunk into the creamy yolks.  We called it "Egg in an Egg Cup", but I've also heard it called Boiled Eggs and Soliders.  Her eggs always came out perfectly.  She served them in egg cups that were brown, with a white band and a small design on them. 

The other morning, my husband attempted to make soft-boiled eggs for my daughter.  He overcooked the eggs and they were really just hard-boiled.  It made me realize that it takes real talent to make a great soft-boiled egg and my grandmother really had the touch.  So she will be honored today, on her 82nd birthday, with an Apron Badge for that special talent.  I want her to know how dear those childhood morning at her house were for me and my siblings.  Happy Birthday Grandma!  Will you make me an "Egg in an Egg Cup"?