Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pinwheel Hair Clips

I've neglected my Etsy Shop for some time now and I'm determined to fix it.  I recently read an article from Etsy about how having plenty of inventory in your shop helps increase sales.  Makes sense.  The more people have to choose from, the better, right?  As summer comes along, I'm looking forward to having more time to craft and will hopefully come up with some great stuff to put in the shop.

My first endeavour to this end, was to create some really cute hair accessories for little girls.  I had a bunch of felt flowers around, some yo yos and the desire to create some pinwheel hair clips.  The pinwheels turned out to be my favorite in the bunch.  Looking at them makes me think of my childhood summers in Ohio.  The heat, shorts and halters, and long hair in ponytails and short bangs that would curl up in the humidity.  We would spend a week with my grandparents during the summer and we would live in our swimsuits.  My grandparents would set-up tents for us by hanging a clothesline between trees and throwing a sheet over it.  There were always shiny pinwheels too.  One of those frivolous items you could always depend on grandparents to buy you...even when your parents said "no".

To that end, I introduce my Pinwheel Hair ClipsVisit my shop and take a peek at all the hair goodies I've been making.