Friday, April 29, 2011

Resin Patio Furniture Makeover

We've had a resin patio set for about 15 years now.  As it sat outside, it got rained on and wind battered and too much sun and was looking really sad.  But one of those fancy-schamancy patio sets isn't really in our budget right now. 

What's a girl to do?  Krylon to the rescue!  I've been wanting to try out their Fusion For Plastic, so they sent me some cans and I got to work.  Okay, I didn't get to work.  My husband did.  You see, that's how it works around here.  I come up with super great ideas and he makes them happen.  I helped a little, but he did the majority of the work.  Not that it was hard.  We just laid down some tarps, put the (recently cleaned) furniture on it and started spraying.  There was no sanding or priming or anything.  Our table and four chairs took just under 6 cans of spray paint and one afternoon.  We used the Red Pepper color because our yard is primarily green, with a few purple flowers and I thought it needed a little pop of bright color.
Of course, after it was all over, I felt I needed to add a little extra something, so I stenciled some floral motifs onto the backs of the chairs. 

I can't tell you how in love I am with how it all came out.  My dad came by just after we did it and asked where we bought those nice, new chairs.  Which is a big deal, because if you know my dad, you know he's not usually the most observant person you ever met.

To celebrate the new look, I whipped up a new tablecloth for the table.  A simple square of red & white checked gingham, some depression lace embroidery and a little ric-rac and I'm ready for many warm summer night dinners on the patio.

Material Connection Disclosure:  I received free product from Krylon for the purpose of doing this project.