Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Doodle Crazy

I was lucky enough to take Alisa Burke's Doodle class at the Create Retreat last weekend.  I haven't taken a class in forever and I forgot how much inspirational it is.  My creativity was buzzing before I even stepped into the class.  A day before the class, I decided I absolutely had to come up with a cozy for my pens.  I adapted a pattern I've used to make fabric crayon caddies and created a cute, patchwork pen cozy.  It was a great way to use up scraps and I've found that, now that I have it, I'm popping it into my bag more often and take advantage of bits and pieces of time to put down some sketches.

Alisa's class was great!  I've always been a fan of her blog, and to see her beautiful "doodles" in person was a real treat.  And I took away some great tips.  Like the fact that cheap Crayola watercolors produce awesome colors on the page!

She also showed us how to lay down our doodles on fabric.  I've been wanting to play more with surface design, but have felt really daunted by the million processes out there.  Alisa gave me the push I needed and there's not stopping me now.  She also introduced me to Dy-Na-Flow and I am in LOVE!  I'm thinking some of my newly doodled fabrics just might become more pen cozies.  And they just might end up in my shop.  You'll be the first to know if they do....but first....the big news around here is that we are switching out my studio and my daughter's room.  Which meant we spent the weekend emptying my studio.  It looked like this:
Don't judge me!  I'm a neat freak in every part of my house except in my studio.  My creative muse is in charge there and she's a bit of pig!  Needless to say, my entire upstairs hallway and two of the bedrooms are now filled with about a million craft supplies.  I feel like hoarder as I gingerly step around the towers of paper, journals and fabrics.  I can't find anything and I'm going into fits, feeling lost and unable to locate anything I want to work on.  I keep telling myself it's only temporary.  Within the week the room will be painted and finished, my daughter's room can be switched over and I can begin the arduous task of filling a new room up.  I'm promising myself I'll be selective about what goes back in.  It's a great opportunity to get organized.  I'll be sure to share lots of before and after photos with you as both rooms get makeovers.