Thursday, May 12, 2011

Handpainted Floral Buttons

I made fabric bookmarks for everyone in my family for Mother's Day.  As I was packaging them up, I knew I wanted to add some buttons to the packaging.  I had it in my head that I wanted buttons with a floral motif on them.  Of course, I didn't have anything like that in the house and (of course) I was doing the project at the last minute.  I decided to make my own floral buttons.  I used some pastel colored buttons from Buttons Galore & More and then painted on some tiny flowers using some Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint.  I was so happy with how the project turned out.  I kept going into my studio to look at the buttons.  Do you do that when you really like something you made?  Go look at it over and over again?

I'm not sure these would make it through the wash, but for decorative or paper projects I'm thinking they would be great.  I'll have to experiment and see how washable they are.  Tulip paints work on fabric, I'm just not sure if they were meant to stay on hard surfaces like buttons.  Maybe if I take a little sandpaper to the button first?