Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bath Toy Caddy

I had a horrible sinus headache yesterday, so I took a shower in my daughter's bathoom, because the master bath is a large room and you can't really get it to steam up enough (to hopefully get your sinuses moving).  As I side-stepped my way through bath toys that were overflowing the bin they were in, I got an idea.  So, out of the shower I jumped.  I grabbed an old, mesh lingerie bag from the laundry room and sewed a ribbon onto the corner of it and hung it in the tub. Now all the bath toys are zippered up in the bag and the mesh allows for some air circulation (cause you know how nasty bath toys can get!).  It was one of those projects that took me five minutes and yet I get happy every time I see it hanging in the bathroom.  I doesn't take much to get me excited around here.