Monday, June 27, 2011

Patio Cushion Make-over

Call me lazy, but I leave the cushions on my patio chairs out in the elements.  Then I'm surprised when they get dirty, stained and faded.  I bought some nice, dark cushions a few years ago, and they really did look good once. 

But now, they just look dirty and they don't match the recent make-over I gave to my patio table and chairs.  But cushions can be pricey.  So I bought some outdoor fabric and recovered the old ones.  I sewed envelope style pillows so that they can be removed when I leave them out (ahem) and they get dirty.  Isn't it amazing how some bright accent colors can change the whole look of your garden?  Even the plants look like they are different shade of green when there's a touch of red added.
The throw pillow is not in outdoor fabric, so I may actually have to get off my lazy butt and take it in the house when we aren't enjoying the patio.  (P.S.  Don't you just love the fabric?  It's Free Spirit's Gothic Prairie by Jane Sassaman.)