Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Simple Birthday

We had a simple birthday for my daughter this year.  No big party with all her friends.  Fewer gifts and more "experiences".  And guess what?  She said it was her "best birthday ever". You saw Monday's Sock Monkey post.  That was the only gift we gave her and I have to say she was thrilled with it. When I was wrapping it the night before, I started to feel guilty, worrying that she would feel disappointed with just getting a homemade gift.  I was wrong.  She was so happy and I have never seen her so focused on actually playing with her gift.  Usually, as she sits in a huge pile of toys, she goes into overload and doesn't know what to play with first. 
She asked me to make her a white cake with white frosting.  To surprise her, I bought Wilton's Wonder Mold Kit and created a spectacular cake (if I must say so myself).  It was really fun for me to make too.  Probably because I wasn't rushing to get it done in time for a party.  Throughout the day, I tried to give her little surprises here and there.  Picking her up at school with a bunch of balloons, a manicure/pedicure.  Just little surprises sprinkled throughout the day. 

As I thought back on the day, I realized how important simple, small gestures are.  I think as adults we lose sight of that.  We think we have to "go big" to create a lot of impact.  But I'm thinking one big gesture, infrequently done, doesn't do half as much as a bunch of little gestures sprinkled liberally into one's life.