Monday, June 13, 2011

Sock Monkey

Ever since my daughter saw Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium she's wanted a sock monkey.  (I think it's because she cried everytime the sock monkey in the movie would reach out to Jason Bateman's character, wanting a hug and not getting it.)  I knew I wanted to make one for her birthday, but the idea of making a sock monkey was a bit scary for me.  (You know how bad I am about sewing toys. Remember this post?)  So, my friend and talented designer, Ana Arujo, sent me one of her Sock Monkeys Go BanANAs DVDs and a sock monkey kit
I was sure I would end up with yet another sad, stuffed animal that would have to join my pile of reject toys, but I was wrong!  I sat down with my kit, in front of the TV and followed along, hittting the pause button to keep up and in just two days I had a sock monkey made for my daughter that I can be completely proud of!  I am so proud of myself and my daughter loves it.  I even feel a sense of hope that I can take some of the tips that Ana gave me and apply them to future attempts at other stuffed dolls.  I just might become a toy maker yet!