Saturday, July 9, 2011

Lamp Makeovers

Thanks for all your nice words about my little girl's new room makeover!  One of the ways I saved on our budget was to fix up some lamps we already had laying around here.  I mean, do you know how pricey cute, boutique lamps can be?  Crazy!  The lamps we had were very circa 1990s.  Not exactly the look I was going for.  So, I got out my craft paint (I used Plaid's FolkArt®Acrylic Paint in Baby Pink and Soft Apple) and painted over the dark blue/green metal of the bases, added some embellishments, and I've got some lamps that look brand new!

My favorite transformation is the lamp shown above.

This is the before:

A little paint, some felt flowers I made with my Sizzix machine and embroidered, and a lampshade from Ikea ($12!) and I think it looks like a completely piece!

Then I tackeled this floor lamp:

This one was really simple to makeover. I just painted the base and glued fabric to the shade.

I'm very happy with how this cost saving project turned out.  I know it takes a little work to save money, but when you get results like this, I think the pride you feel is definately worth the effort.