Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tooth Fairy Pillow

Someone around here has a very loose tooth.  It's causing quite a stir and there is A LOT of talk and excitement over the loss of a first tooth. 

My daughter REALLY wants to lose her teeth.  A few months ago, we read the book, Silverlicious, and in it, Pinkalicious has a personal tooth fairy.  Of course, that led to a big discussion about who my daughter's personal tooth fairy is.  She wanted to meet her right away, but hadn't lost any teeth.  Being the creative person she is, my daughter proceeded to draw and cut-out a paper tooth and left it out to see if it would lure her personal tooth fairy to the house.  Off to school she went and I went to work figuring this whole personal tooth fairy thing out.  First step:  finding a name.  Did you know if you search "fairy name generator" online, you will actually find one?  Seriously the internet has everything.  The website I found was a bit strange (for adults who are into fairies I think), but I was able to get my daughter's fairy the excellent name of Chanter Willowflower.  I was even informed that Chanter Willowflower wears "silver skirts, white feather down and has delicate, green wings like a cicada". Not bad, huh?  So, before my daughter got home from school, good ole Chanter flew over, picked up the paper tooth, and left a letter of introduction behind with the promise that she will come back when the first real tooth falls out.

And now the first tooth is wiggling away and it is time for me to get to work on a tooth pillow.  When searching the web for inspiration, I came across this tutorial.  It was so cute I had to make it.  Although I usually create my own designs, I just couldn't resist this pillow. 

Ever since my success with the sock monkey, I've found myself to be a bit braver about making stuffies.  I'll admit that I was still nervous and worried that I would end up with tooth pillow disaster (a cavity if you will...ha!).  But I think I may actually have the hang of it.

I sure hope Chanter Willowflower likes it!

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