Monday, July 18, 2011

Whoopie Pies

I keep hearing that whoopie pies are the "new cupcake".  I knew I was eventually going to have to try one.  I made them on Friday night and all I can say is..."Whoopie pies, where have you been my whole life?"  They are so good.  They are like inside out cupcakes.  If you aren't a huge frosting fan, but love cake, these are the dessert for you!

I used this recipe.  They were surprisingly easy to make.  Here's a tip: I don't usually have fancy "dutch processed" cocoa in my house.  Good old Hershey's is what I usually use, but I recently found out the Hershey's makes a Special Dark (like their candy bars) cocoa.  I've been using it in all my chocolate recipes and I think it definitely has a superior taste.  And the chocolate desserts look so dark.  Yum!

Supposedly they are called whoopie pies because, in the good old days, when women made these confections as a way to use up extra cake batter (who has extra cake batter?  anyway...) their children would yell, "whoopie!".  I told my daughter that story and she didn't understand "whoopie".  It's not a word we throw around here, but "yippee" is.  So she has renamed them "Yippie Pies".  Whatever you call them, make them tonight!