Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Artbar Outing

This Sunday my little sister, Jenny (yes!  even at our ages, she's still my little sister), and I went to The Artbar for their studio hours.  It was a sweet outing.  One that reminds me of how very different we are (just look at our journal pages!) yet, our shared history brings us closer together than anyone else. 

My sister's journal

My journal
It's always fascinated me to think that my sibling and I are more biologically similiar to one another than anyone else.  We are more closely related in blood than we are to our either of our parents.  Moving beyond the physical, we had the same childhood experiences, and although we have all translated those experiences differently, it's nice to know there was someone else there, who understands the ups and downs.  Yes, a relaxing day filled with art and a sisterly bond.  Nothing else can quite refresh the soul in this way.