Monday, August 22, 2011

A Peaceful Walk

My husband and I try to go on a "date" at least twice a month.  Sure, it's expensive to pay for a babysitter, but we figured out a long time ago that a divorce would cost a lot more, so off we go to reconnect a couple of times a month.
I've lived in South Orange County, California (aka the O.C.) for about 12 years now.  I heard about a Hindu monastery in the foothills nearby, but never visited.  One of our date days was the perfect chance to finally find some time to explore.  The grounds of the monastery are absolutely beautiful.  It's amazing to me that we were only 10 minutes away from tract homes and a sprawling suburbia.  We tried to take the Shrine Trail, but got turned around.  We were on a path, but not the right one. (Well, that could certainly mean something, couldn't it?) It was still a great adventure and a peaceful way to spend the afternoon. 

Don't you love to find tiny pocket "vacation spots" right in your own backyard?