Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sketchbook Pages & A Winner

I'm happy to announce that Lindy of Veni Vidi Scrappy won the Plaid Extreme Glitter prize package!  Email me with your address so that I can send it to our friends at Plaid.

I just finished taking Alisa Burke's wonderful ecourse, Sketchbook Delight.  I love her style, and I learned so much from her.  I kind of pride myself on being "self-taught" but as I take more classes and get more advice from traditionally-trained artists and crafters, I am realizing that there really is something to be said for learning how to do things the "right way" before I go off and start experimenting.

Here's what one of my sketchbook pages looked like before I took the course. 

I was pretty happy with it, but it lacked depth and movement.  The page below and at the top of the post are pages I've sketched since taking the online course. 

See the difference?  Well, I do!  I'm super proud of them, and can't quite believe I am capable of sketching like that! 

So how about you?  Do you learn the "rules" before you break them?  Or do you go right to renegade?