Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I bet you didn't know that I have sports trophy.  I especially bet you didn't know that if you know me in person.  I'm not exactly atheletic these days.  But one summer, a very long time ago, I played tennis everyday.  I wanted to be the next Tracy Austin.  And I did come in first place in the Upland Recreation's Department Spring Tennis clinic in 1985.  Obviously, I didn't want to be a tennis player too badly as I allowed a bunch of teenage diversions to get in my way and I eventually layed down my racket.

Now that the US Open is going on, I'm feeling all nostalgic for it.  So I went into my garage, dug out that old trophy and dusted it off.  I think it just might be tacky enough for me to put up on a shelf somewhere in the name of a conversation piece.  What do you think?

And speaking of tennis...did you ever see the movie Match Point?  It has very little to do with tennis except from a philosophical viewpoint, but it's a great movie!  (Yes, it's Woody Allen, but it's not a typical Woody Allen movie.  Try it, you'll like it.)