Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Tooth Story

Remember my post about the tooth fairy pillow I made?  How much my daughter wanted to lose her first tooth?  Well, it happened last night over dinner!  My daughter started to tear up and I asked her if it hurt and she said she crying because she was so happy.  She then handed me the tooth and I started to freak-out (inside of course-I stayed cool in front of her) because it didn't look like what I was expecting it to look like.  It's been a long time since I saw a baby tooth (my own) and I don't know what I expected it to look like, but what I was holding in my hand wasn't it.  Did you experience that? 

So, I called my sister, who has a ten year old, and she said it was okay.  She's handy to have around because she's recently been through it all, so I can always run things by her.  Plus, she already knows I'm a Nervous Nelly and doesn't judge or roll her eyes. (Or maybe she does, but we're on the phone so I can't see her do it.)

Once I was calmed down, the tooth went into the pillow and we awaited the morning.  My daughter was very excited to find a note from her personal tooth fairy, 50 cents (we got off cheap, she's not in school right now so she doesn't know the going price) and a tooth fairy bracelet. 

I had a friend of mine make this bracelet for me when I was pregnant with my daughter.  It's a charm bracelet with a fairy charm on it.  It comes with pearl charms that can be attached to represent each tooth.  The first pearl was delivered by the tooth fairy last night.  I love the whole idea of the bracelet and dream about my daughter, all grown-up and wearing it.  And when someone comments on it she can tell them what it means and maybe, just maybe, she'll remember the magic of her childhood.  A time when fairies came to your room at night and left tokens of love in exchange for the slow loss of your baby years-one tooth at a time.