Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tuesday is Ironing Day

I iron every Tuesday.  I don't have much to do, just a few of my husband's shirts, but I do try to get it done once a week so it doesn't build up.  Last week, as I was ironing in my bedroom and watching TV, my daughter came in, sat down on the bed and said, "I love it when you iron.  It smells good and makes the room warm and cozy."  Suddenly, the boring task of ironing took on new meaning for me.  A simple household chore, done on the same day, in the same way, wasn't just work anymore.  It was a little memory for my daughter.  It felt good to look at that way.

And it reminded me of when I was little.  My mom would iron in our basement.  There was a TV involved then too.  I had a small, orange, blow-up kitty couch that I would sit on as she would iron and we would watch All My Children (circa 1972) together.  I haven't thought about that in a long time.

I wonder, how long will this tradition continue?  I know I'm in the minority because I still iron.  Clothes and clothes dryers are slowly pushing out the dreaded chore of ironing.  Will tomorrow's children have any memories of their mothers (or fathers!) doing household chores like ironing or cooking? Or will they think back on happy memories of watching TV while their parents surf Facebook?

All I know is my daughter has asked for a play ironing board and iron and I'm happy to fill that request.  In the name of nostalgia if nothing else.