Friday, September 9, 2011

My Creative Process

Journal Page by Laura Bray
I've recently notice a change in the way I've been working.  I'm slowing down, enjoying the process more.  I have to admit that I'm a bit of neat freak.  And by neat freak, I don't really mean my house as much as my person.  I read about artists and crafters, raving about how much they love to get messy.  Paint and glue on their fingers and clothes.  And I cringe.  I HATE being messy.  In fact, I'm so fussy that I won't even eat ribs!  I don't like getting the sauce on my face.  A little crazy?  Maybe, I've just come to accept that's me.  (My husband thinks the whole ribs thing is cute, too.)

Journal Page by Laura Bray
So, with my mess phobia in mind, I've usually just bought supplies to use.  Fabric, paper, embellishments.  Then I put them together with as little mess as possible.  But I see that changing.  I'm finding that the results of making everything from scratch really are worth the effort.  I'm enjoying the process of dying and painting my own fabrics.  I've found that if I set aside a day to do the messy stuff, I handle the mess better.  I put on some old clothes or an apron, lay down oilcloth and get to work.  I mentally prepare for the mess that will ensue. 

Journal Page by Laura Bray
Have a become less compulsive about messes?  Or is it that my daughter is in school full-time now and I have that much more time to make a mess and clean it up without worrying about interruptions?  Whatever it is, I'm enjoying it and am excited about the places this new creative process is taking my work.  Who knows?  Maybe I'll get wild and go out for ribs tonight.....

Fabric by Laura Bray
Using Jacquard's Tee Juice Pens