Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Apple Picking in Oak Glen

We went apple picking in Oak Glen, California this past weekend.  My parents used to take me there in the Fall when I was a child and I have very fond memories of "apple country", so I was very excited to take my daughter up.  She's learning about apples in school, making it a perfect time to go.  We visited Willowbrook Apple Farm, one of the smaller, family-owned farms in the area.  It was very crowded as it was the first apple picking weekend of the season and a Spring frost had damaged a lot of apple groves, so some of the bigger farms weren't opening their orchards to the public yet.  I do have to say, I'm getting a bit disheartened lately.  Everywhere we go there seems to be huge crowds.  Perhaps it's living in Southern California.  Is there any place where a girl can go and do the whole "rural" thing without being inundated with a bunch of other people doing the same thing?  It's days like these that set me to longing for a simpler life, in a simpler place.

(Who needs a ladder when your dad is 6'6"? )
We still managed to have fun and even got to press our own cider.  I won't go into how the mom in me cringed over the "hygienics" of the cider making, I just smiled and nodded and then made my husband boil it when we got home. 

I hope you found some peace and some fun over the weekend.  What did you do?