Friday, October 28, 2011

Homework Organization

Homework Organization by Laura Bray
My daughter is the first grade now and with that comes the dreaded homework.  I heard nightmare tales of the amount of homework that was coming our way and have not been looking forward to it.  While I don't think the amount we have to do each night is outrageous, it is hard for me to accept that my daughter has to face homework at such a young age.  When I went to school (do I sound like an old lady?) we didn't have homework until we were much older and I seemed to turn out fine (but I may be biased).

The time we spend doing homework could be spent discovering the world, working on her imagination or just relaxing.  I mean, you only get to be a child once and, in today's society, it seems that children are faced with as much stress and as many activities as adults.  I wonder how quickly this poor generation will burn-out?  But, I'll step off my soapbox and, as usual, turn this into a crafting opportunity.

Homework Box by Laura & Olivia Bray
We have a ton of desks around our house, but it's easiest if my daughter does her homework at the kitchen table.  It's large and I can get dinner started as she does some of her work.  So I needed a place to stash her homework supplies.  I found an old file box in our garage and then we decorated it with Sharpie markers.  I keep her homework assignments, flash cards, paper and pencils in it.  When it's time to do homework, we pull it out and everything we need is right there.  And we both brighten up a little seeing our cheerful artwork!

I also use the file box to store all the work she brings home from school. (I don't know about you, but I get overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork that comes through this house!) I figure I'll go through it at the end of the year, pick what we really want to save and put it away for prosperity's sake.  For now, we both feel more organized and get our homework chores done as quickly as possible so we can get back to playing and having fun.

Do you have any homework-related tips?  Do you have a place set-up to do homework? How do you make it fun?