Monday, October 31, 2011

Scary Movies

My husband and I aren't really horror fans. I think the last time I saw a new horror movies was when I was in my teens. It's not that I usually get too scared, they just don't usually appeal to me. But it's Halloween and I thought it would be fun to see something new.

And I scared the living daylights out of myself this weekend.  I rented Paranormal Activity, watched it and then had nightmares every night!  Creepy movie.  I hate horror movies about monsters or torture or murders.  If I'm going to scare myself I like creepy stories about ghosts and hauntings.  Stories that never really show you the "monster".  They leave it to your imagination.  And obviously, my imagination was way too engaged after watching Paranormal Activity.  I've heard the sequels aren't as good, but that's okay, I think I've had my fill of the horror genre for awhile.

If you are looking for something to watch tonight, here's my list of favorite horror movies:

1.  The Exorcist.  Seriously, this is the scariest movie EVER!
2.  The Shining.  The best adaptation of a Stephan King book. " Here's Johnny...."
3.  Rosemary's Baby.  An oldie, but a goodie.  Just campy enough to take the edge off, but still pretty darn scary.
4.  Trilogy of Terror.  VERY campy.  But the vignette about the African Doll that comes to life?  Well, when I was a little girl, I wouldn't walk on the floor for a few days after seeing this one.  I would hop from furniture piece to furniture piece to get to the bathroom at night.
5.  The Haunting.  The old version, not the remake.  So good!
6.  The Others.  Love the twist at the end.

What are your favorite horror movies?