Friday, October 7, 2011

Woodland Fairy Costume

When I was a little girl, we really didn't have much of selection of store-bought Halloween costumes.  The majority of the costumes were handmade.  That was really part of the fun, brainstorming about what you wanted to be and then how you were going to pull it off.  Some kids had moms who could sew and they had elaborate costumes.  My mom didn't sew, but she could make almost any kind of Halloween costume using brown paper bags!  (I think I liked my brother's Muskateer costume the best!)  And there was always the gypsy costume.  We would wear long skirts, a head scarf and lots of our mom's costume jewelry.  When we became teenagers, my parents suffered the embarrassment of having us raid their closets to be disco divas (mom) or nerds (dad).  Sorry about that guys!

I think today, that our kids are missing out on the creative aspect of Halloween.  We throw them in the car and head to the Halloween costume store.  I'm as guilty as anyone and the majority of costumes at our house have been store bought, but this year I decided to make something.  I created a no-sew, Woodland Fairy costume for my daughter.  It's really easy & inexpensive to make.  It would be great for a Halloween costume or even just for playing dress-up.  You can get the full tutorial on the Rit Dye website here

I have to say it was really fun to brainstorm and get creative and my daughter really enjoyed seeing simple items magically turn into her costume.  So, if you have a little time, why not join me and make costumes this year?

Speaking of Rit Dye and Halloween,  when I told my mom about this project, she told me that one of my favorite childhood Halloween decorations was courtesy of her using Rit Dye.  She took some old curtains and dyed them gray.  They were draped around the house and over furniture to give the place a haunted house look.  How funny that I'm still using Rit to make my daughter's Halloween memorable all these years later.