Tuesday, November 1, 2011

We Love French Knots

Thanksgiving Embroidery Pattern by Laura Bray
Do you know how old I was when I started to embroider?  If not, pop over to Bari J's We Love French Knots blog today.  I'm telling my embroidery story and I'm sharing a free Thanksgiving pattern you can download.  The pattern tells the tragic story of a turkey in love with a little pilgrim girl.  I think we all know how the story will end.  I stitched it onto a napkin and will be using it in the roll basket at Thanksgiving.  I'm thinking I might have all my guest sign the napkin after dinner and then I'll embroider their signatures.  I think it would make a nice a little heirloom. 

Gnome Embroidery Pattern by Laura Bray
Speaking of stitching for the holidays, my Gnome pattern would be great for a holiday project.  Guest towels, stockings, fabric gift cards.  Or use my napkin tutorial and decorate your holiday table.  Since I'm feeling joyful about being featured on We Love French Knots, I'm offering a discount on the pattern.  Use discount code WLFKS and you'll get 25% off the pattern!  Go to my Etsy shop, katydiddys and take advantage of the offer now.  The discount offer only lasts until November 4th. 

Come back and visit soon too!  There's a new pattern and super cute project coming very soon. 

Happy Stitching!