Monday, December 12, 2011

Dress Shoe Makeover

Glitter Dress Shoes After Makeover
My daughter is really tough on her shoes.  At six, she's not growing out of them as quickly as she used to, but all the playing she does wears them out.  As you can see, she's done a real number on her dress shoes and, with the holidays coming up, we need dress shoes, but I hate to buy new ones when these still fit her.
Dress Shoes Before Makeover
So I decided to try to fix-up her shoes and see if I could eek one more holiday event out of them.  I know all the little girls want those sparkly shoes that are out right now, so I decided to go for that look.  Plus, the rough finish of glitter helps hide the dents and scuffs in our well-worn shoes.  I think the shoes recovered quite well.  Here's what I did:

Worn-out dress shoes
Plaid FolkArt Paint in Licorice
Plaid Extreme Glitter Paint in Black
Plaid FolkArt Paint in Lipstick Red
Plaid Extreme Glitter Paint in Red
Paint Brushes
Green felt scraps
Craft glue

  1. Clean-off the shoes with a damp cloth and allow to dry.  Trim any material off that is hanging from the shoes.
  2. Touch-up any worn or scuffed spots on the shoes with black paint.  (My shoes were black, just use the same base paint and Extreme Glitter colors to match the color of your shoes.)
  3. Once the paint is dry, apply two coats of Extreme Glitter paint in Black.  Allow to dry about an hour between coats.
  4. For the flower accents, I used Lipstick red paint on the flower petals, let it dry and then applied Red Extreme Glitter paint.  I wanted my flowers to look like poinsettias for the holidays.
  5. Cut small leaves out of your green felt and glue under the flowers.
That's it.  Really simple.  Even easier if you don't have flower accents.  I'm thinking I need to go dig a pair of black pumps out of my closet and make myself some shiny shoes for New Year's Eve. 

Someone loves their new shoes so much, they can't stand still!