Friday, December 23, 2011

Last Minute Holiday Ideas

Polymer Clay Ornament by Laura Bray
Last Minute Gift Idea:  Polymer Clay Ornaments

I never used polymer clay before, but after seeing a ton of clay ornaments this year, I thought I would give it a try.  It was really easy to use, fast, and economical.  The perfect combination for a last minute gift idea.  I was inspired by Nikki's tutorial.  My only addition was to use some of Plaid's Extreme Glitter paint in Gold to add some definition to the stamped design and sparkle to the ornaments. 

Colorful Snowflakes
Last Minute "Keep the Kids" Busy Idea:  Craft Supplies & Creativity

My daughter is the craftiest person I know and the box of holiday craft supplies I gave her has proven to not only fun for her, but has also bought me extra time to get things done without feeling guilty.  While I was working on a large project for a client this week, my daughter found some glittered snowflakes in her supply box.  She got out her markets, and colored them in.  I am seriously amazed with the results!  They sparkle, they glitter!  And she came up with the idea all by herself.  Which makes the whole thing even better. 

Felt Doll Stocking

Last Minute "Get Some Extra Sleep on Christmas Morning" Idea: Doll Stockings

When I was growing-up, we weren't allowed to get my parents up at the crack of dawn on Christmas morning.  We had to stay in our rooms and wait until 7AM.  Then we could go wake them.  I'm telling you the time seemed to drag by those mornings.  We have a similar rule at our house, but we've added a twist to make the time go a bit faster.  Last year, my daughter and I made felt stockings for her dolls and hung them on her dresser drawers.  I had intended it to be for decorative purposes only, but my husband took it a step further. You see, my husband is in charge of filling stockings at our house. (With Santa's help of course.) My family was never big on stockings, but his family treats them like the main event, so he's the expert. And that big, lovable man bought little tiny gifts and candy and filled the dolls' stockings last year. Our daughter was happily playing in her room with her dolls and their stockings when we came to get her on Christmas morning.  It was a little preview of what awaited downstairs.  I'm sure it's a tradition we'll continue from now on. 

I hope these last minute ideas came in time for you to add a little extra magic to your celebrations.  Wishing you a Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays from my family to yours!