Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Minimum Requirements of Self-Care

Laura Bray's Minimum Requirements of Self-Care
My Scrooge post seemed to hit home for a lot of you.  I think we all suffer from stress and overdoing.  The holidays just compounds it.  But, because I want my blog to be primarily positive, I thought I would share a few resources I've used in the past few days to pull myself out of the "pit".

The first thing I did was listen to Jennifer Louden's Minimum Requirement of Self-Care audio.  Basically, she gives a gentle reminder to do the basics for yourself everyday.  Since I have hard time remembering to do that, I made a journal page of what I need to do, every day, in order to be the best I can be.  I've been looking at the journal page a few times each day, and it's working!  I'm remembering to take a minute and do one or two of the items.  I'm thinking of framing the journal page, or even making it into a poster.  Cause I need to hit myself over the head a few times each day to remind myself to take a minute.

Then, I got a lovely blog visit from Susan Branch.  She left a comment, complimenting me on my cookie sketch.  This meant so much to me.  Years ago, I bought her cookbook,The Summer Book, and I've loved her artwork ever since.  So to get a visit from her on my blog left me a bit starstruck.  And then I went to her blog and saw her post with a wonderful list of ways to take of oneself.  It's just what I needed to hear!
Amaryllis in Bloom
Finally, Frane came through and cheered me up!  Look at how beautiful she is in all her red, Christmas glory!

And so, I still feel like Scrooge, but it's the Scrooge who, at the end of the story, runs through the streets, wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.  The Scrooge who takes Tiny Tim into his arms and buys a Christmas goose.  Find some joy today.  Give yourself a present.  Take care of yourself and remember to enjoy the season.  Happy Holidays!