Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tips for a Creative New Year

Journal Page by Laura Bray
I can't tell you how many moms I meet who tell me they aren't creative.  Or say they wish they could be creative, but think they have no talent.  Or that they don't like being creative.  But if you are reading my blog, some little part of you must like the whole idea of living a more creative life.  So I thought I would share my journey of how I became the creative diva I am today.  You know, just in case you have a new year's resolution about being more artsy/crafty.

If you have read my bio, you know that I was a very creative little girl until I was shot down by a wicked art teacher.  I spent a lot of years doing something I was good at, but didn't love as a result of her unkind words.  Not only that, I completely stopped doing anything that resembled art for many years.  If you are suffering similar fate, I highly recommend that you get the book, The Artist's Way.  It truly is a book that changed my life. 

Homemade Wrapping Paper by Laura Bray
As for that whole business about NOT being a creative person. Please.  You can't exist in this world without being creative.  All those years I spent as a business consultant and financial controller?  I was using my creativity everyday.  I wasn't making art, but I was thinking outside the box and finding CREATIVE solutions to my clients' problems.  I'm guessing you are doing the same.  Even if you are staying home and raising children-it takes huge amounts of creativity to convince a toddler to eat vegetables.  Everyone is creative.

My failed attempts at sewing slippers.
For those of you who think you have no talent to be creative-forget it.  That's not going to fly as an excuse either.  You just haven't found your niche yet, or you haven't given yourself time to learn.  See those slippers in the photo above?  I'm trying to make my daughter a pair of slippers.  Neither of the ones shown fit her, plus the seams are a mess, and I've said some VERY bad words while making them.  While I do love sewing, I struggle with making wearable items.  A few years ago, I would have thrown the slippers down and decided I didn't have any talent as a sewer.  But now I am confident I do.  I make some lovely pillows, quilts, and other items.  I just didn't have the benefit of having someone teach me how to sew and so it takes me a bit longer to learn something new.  It doesn't mean I don't have talent.  It simply means I need to relax and practice and take my time and appreciate the learning process.  Maybe after one more try, I'll decide I don't enjoy making slippers.  That's okay because I can just move onto something else that I enjoy learning how to do. 

So are you ready to make a 2012 a more creative year?  I'd love to hear your resolutions in the comments below.  Even if you have already embraced creativity in your life, how are you going to use it in the new year?