Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Top Tips for Decorating a Christmas Tree

My Cupcake Christmas Tree
You know how you see photos of Christmas trees and they look so very elegant and "designer".  All the ornaments are the same color and theme?  Well, my main tree doesn't look like that.  I have a collection of ornaments, that was started when I was a child, and let's just say they don't match.  At all.  As much as I love the designer look, I have never been able to make myself leave my precious ornaments in the box and go out and buy a ornaments that were all matchy-matchy. 

Laura Bray's Cupcake Christmas Tree
But I do like a nice looking tree and over the years I've picked up some tips that give my tree a bit more polished look without sacrificing my hodge-podge ornament collection.  Here's what works for me.

1.  Start by buying matching balls.  Pick a color or two and buy a few boxes of plain, old, cheap balls.  Once your lights are on the tree, start hanging these balls in the inside branch of the tree.  In the end, it's going to give your tree the look of being packed full of ornaments and it's also going to give you a cohesive background that tricks the eye into thinking you actually do have a "theme" to your tree.

Laura Bray's Traditional Tree
2.  Buy some floral picks and stick those into the branches.  Stick with the color theme of your balls.  For example, on my big, traditional tree, I hang red & white balls and use large poinsettia floral picks.  The floral picks really fill in the tree.  Once you have both the balls and floral picks in, your tree is going to look very color-coordinated.

3.  With this beautiful, designer-style base, start adding your well-loved ornaments, but organize first!  To give your tree incredible visual interest and really show-off your collection, sort your ornaments by theme and hang them together.  I put all my gingerbread man ornaments together in one spot on the tree, then move to the next spot and have a little Santa section and so on.  You've probably read how impactful it is to display your collectibles together and this concept goes for your tree too.  Don't think you have a themed collection?  Guess again.  I was surprised to discover the number of Santa ornaments I had once I started making a pile.

Santa Ornament Collection
So those are my top tips for decorating a Christmas tree.  Do you have any to share?  To inspire you, I put together a Pinterest Board of my favorite Christmas trees on the web.  You can check it out here.  Happy tree trimiming!