Friday, January 20, 2012

Button Note Cards

Haberdashery Projects b Laura Bray
As you all know, I'm on the design team for Buttons Galore and More. One of the products I love the best is their Haberdashery kits. Just the name alone is enough to make a retro-style girl happy. 
Spring Garden Haberdashery Kit from Buttons Galore & More
I love how the kits come all boxed up together, it makes crafting quick and easy.Inspired by the buttons, ribbons and embellishments I created a set of sweet, matching note cards. When I was done, I used the box as a place to store the cards. Wrapped up in a ribbon from the kit, I have a great little gift and all I needed to add was some card stock and glue.
Haberdashery Note cards
I'm so excited by these kits, I'm thinking I might need to throw a haberdashery party. Wouldn't it be fun to invite the girls over, hand each one a kit, and craft together? You could make cards or you could even make one of my Haberdashery Hearts.  I used one to kit to make 3 note cards and the heart and still had some goodies left over. Have a great weekend!  Do  something creative.
Haberdashery Heart