Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Travel Jewelry Pouch

Jewelry Pouch by Laura Bray
I'm not a jewelry maker.  There I said it.  Like knitting, I have always admired jewelry makers, and I have a strong desire to make it.  But, also like knitting, I can't do it!  I've tried and tried, but I am just challenged.  My jump rings are always wonky and nothing turns out the way I would like it to.  So, when Cousin approached me about being a guest blogger, I thought they were crazy.  I mean, they sell jewelry supplies.  But it turns out they wanted someone to share some ideas about how to use their products in areas other than jewelry making.  Ah!  Playing on my weakness.  I get it.  Seriously though, the greatest thing about the arts and crafts industry right now is the very fact that we have the option to use products for non-traditional purposes. 

So, long story short (not really), go over to Cousin's brand-new blog and get my tutorial for making a super cute and easy felt, travel pouch.  It's a great little project that can be used by makers of jewelry and collectors or jewelry alike.

Jewelry Travel Pouch by Laura Bray