Monday, February 27, 2012

Dim Sum Sunday

My family has been having a hard time connecting.  All of us are experiencing various forms of stress in our lives and we have been making the mistake of taking it out on another.  We spent a miserable, long weekend together last week.  We were all crabby and doing little except finding fault with one another.  Over the course of the week, we've all gotten a bit better, but in my Mama's heart I knew that we needed to change things up this weekend.  A "Family Adventure" was in order.  You see, I've found that if we do something out of the ordinary, like a little day trip, we all end up feeling refreshed, happier and just a little more bonded at the end of the day.  I know there's even scientific reasons for this.  Hormones and what not that get released into your body when you have new experience.

So this Sunday, we got moving early and went to a local flea market.  My daughter enjoyed bringing her tiny allowance and seeing how far she could make it go.  My husband picked-up a few vintage shot glasses for his retro bar collection, and I landed an aqua Pyrex dish. 

Dim Sum Journal Page by Laura Bray
After our flea market adventures, we went for a dim sum.  There's a new Chinese restaurant in town that basically gives you the experience of an authentic, "Chinatown", restaurant, without having to trek out to downtown Los Angeles (an hour plus drive for us usually).  It was my daughter's first experience having dim sum.  She liked the idea of the little dishes going by on carts, but some of the offering were a bit exotic for her.  But it wasn't really about the food, it was about spending high quality time together. When we returned home, we all felt a whole lot more loving towards one another and were much more relaxed. 

How does your family spend their downtime?  Do you have a ritual that helps get everyone out of the doldrums?