Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Felt Food: Waffles

Felt Waffles
I bet you thought I had abandoned my felt food obsession. But no, here I am again, with more play food. This time, I tried my hand at felt waffles. Inspiration struck one morning as I was about throw away a box from some frozen waffles.  Of course, the box was immediately taken into my studio and sat there for over a month before I got to designing my felt waffles, but I think they were worth wait.  I even ended-up giving my daughter the box to store her felt waffles in.  Now she really feels like she's making breakfast for her dolls!

I think the main trick for this project is to use a brown Tulip Fabric Marker to outline the waffle squares.  It really gives the design dimension, not to mention a realistic, toasted waffle look.

Waffle without Tulip Fabric Marker Detail

Waffle with Tulip Fabric Marker Detail
The plates in the photos are a new project as well.  My daughter has a ton of little, plastic dishes, but most of her felt food is pretty close to life-size and doesn't fit on her toy plates.  So I bought some unpainted, wood plates and painted them.  They are the size of real dinner plates, but aren't breakable making them perfect for a play kitchen, don't you think?

I wrote a tutorial and pattern for the waffles and the whipped cream dollop. You can get it for only $3.50 here. It has photos, instructions and pattern pieces, making the waffles a snap to make.