Thursday, February 9, 2012

Flowers and Doilies Heart Box

Flowers and Doilies Box by Laura Bray
I have been the mad Valentine crafter this year!  Seriously, I might have to do double posts to get all my projects up before next Tuesday.  I think I'm more inspired because I've started a new creative habit.  A month or so before a holiday, I go to the craft store and pick-up some items that go with the holiday.  Then I put them all in a basket in my studio and leave them out.  Every time I walk into my studio, I eye the basket and usually can't resist going over and grabbing something.

For today's featured craft, I embellished a red, wooden, heart box that I have owned for years.  It's been kicking around my house forever, and now that it's embellished, it looks like it will be around for a few more at least.

As I said, the box was already red, so this project took no time to make.  I used Martha Stewart Crafts' Eyelet Lace stencils and some FolkArt paint in Winter White to create the doily patterns on the box.  Then I followed a basic felt flower tutorial I found online to make the roses.  Glued them on and I was done. Well, almost done!  We must not forget my signature polka dot ribbon around the edge!

Now, what should I put in the box?  Love letters?  Cookies?  What would you use if for?