Wednesday, March 7, 2012

At the Park

I just started reading a great book, Fifteen Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids. In it the author talks about how important being outdoors is for children.  While my daughter spends a decent amount of time outside, I decided I need to make a conscious effort to get her outside every day.  Remember the days when your mother would say, "It's too beautiful a day to sit inside, go out and play."?  Then they would scoot us out the door to play, unsupervised?  Well, I have a postage stamp sized yard, but my daughter seems to be able to find hours of fun back there.  And we're both going to the park more often because I'm thinking it wouldn't kill me to see the light of day once in awhile.

I strongly believe that, even when we're at the park, I should pretty much let my daughter come up with ideas on how to entertain herself.  The most amazing and creative things happen when I do that.  But some days she seems to need a kick start, so I created a little treasure hunt game for her to play.  As she finds the treasures, I've noticed her own creative wheels start turning about what she's going to do with them.  The last time she went on a treasure hunt, she built a small house under a tree for the fairies or Borrowers to use. 

I've included an image of my Park Treasure Hunt checklist.  It's black and white so your children can color it when they are done.  And I even left a little place so you can remember when and where you went on your hunt.  You can use it for personal use.  Just click on the photo and print it.

For more ideas on playing outside, visit and get the free download, 50 Outdoor Activities Guide for Busy Families.  Have fun!