Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

How do you celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday?  We always start the day with green eggs and ham.  (The green eggs are actually spinach and cheese omelets.) 

I love Dr. Seuss books.  His illustrations are so whimsical and inspiring.  And did you know that his silly rhymes develop pre-literacy skills?  You can't beat that.  Right now, my daughter has homework that involves organizing "word families" into lists.  Last week, as I watched her get bored doing it, I recommended that she write a book, using her word families, just like Dr. Seuss.  The next couple of hours were blissful as I watched her come up with poems (that she thought were hilarious) and did illustrations to match them.  I even did a journal page alongside her.  Yes, sometimes I do first grade homework.  If it looks fun, I can't resist, and I think it shows my daughter that homework is fun and not a chore.  After all, I'm doing it and I don't have to!

If you are looking for ways to celebrate Dr.Seuss, you find some coloring sheets and downloads on Seussville.  Have a happy day!  Have a happy day, I say!