Monday, April 30, 2012

Bean Bag Toss Game

Remember my bean bags?  Well, here is that idea I told you I had rolling around in my head.  A home made bean bag toss game.  It's super easy to make, and I have once again, snuck some math into my daughter's play time.  At this rate, she'll be the next Einstein!

It's funny how kids all think alike.  My daughter immediately stuck her head in one of the holes when she got the game.  Then, when her friends came over to play, guess what they did?  So I guess what I'm saying is you better make sure the holes are big enough so no one gets stuck!

Here's how to make yours:

  1. Use some plates or other round objects to draw some circles on the display board.  Make them in varying sizes, but make sure that a bean bag can get through them!
  2. Using an X-ACTO knife, cut the circles out.  Be sure to have a self-healing cutting mat on your workspace!
  3. Using the holes you just cut as flower centers, paint flowers onto the display board. 
  4. Use Sharpie markers to go back and add details and shading.  It really does make a difference to do this!
  5. Give each hole a point number.  Then you can have the children add up their points and get that math lesson in.
  6. Allow everything to dry, then set up the game in the backyard.  If your little ones get too enthusiastic (and they will) and knock the board down, put a chair behind it to give it more stability.  Just make sure you don't block the holes.
Does your child look this happy when they are doing math?  If not, better make one of these games!