Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Earth Day Project: Cup Keeper

Any project that conserves our natural resources AND reduces housework is okay by me and my latest project fulfills both!

One of the ways we try to be "green" is by using the same water glass throughout the day.  This means we have a lot less glasses to be washed so we save some water and don't put as much dish detergent into the environment.  But, when you have children (and husbands) who put their glasses everywhere and then forget whose glass is whose, even the grandest plans can be thwarted.  To alleviate this problem I came up with a mug rug that is monogrammed.  It has a space for each person in our household and their initial.  It's a place for them to put their glasses whenever they aren't using them and, in theory, can find them again and reuse them.  (Hey, I'm not saying this isn't going to take some training.)  We keep ours by ours on the counter by the fridge because that's where most people go to get drinks.

This project would also be great in homes with multiple children who share a bathroom.  Make one for that room too so the can keep track of water glasses and not share icky germs with each other.

Here's how I made mine:
1. Cut two pieces of felt and one piece of fabric measuring 12" x 4".  (This is for my three person Cup Keeper.  If you have four people, you might want to do a 8" x 8" square. Think about how many people you have and then do measurements so that you have a 4" x 4" square for each person's cup.)

2.  On one piece of felt, measure out 4" squares and mark them.  Then in the center of each square, cut out a circle.  Just use a glass and trace around it.

3.  Lay the uncut piece of felt, the fabric (face up), and the circle cut felt on top of one another.  Pin.

4.  Sew around the edge of the piece with a 1/4 seam allowance.  Also sew between your squares and around the outside edge of your cut out circles.  I used a sewing machine with white thread and then embroidered over it, but you can also hand sew the whole thing. 

5.  Embroider initials into each square for each family member.  If you don't want to embroider, you could also buy small, felt letters at your local craft store and stitch them on or use fabric glue to attach them.

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