Saturday, April 28, 2012

Featured Sponsor: Artsy Findings

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Cheryl Waters

Today I'm happy to introduce Cheryl Waters, proprietress of the online craft shop, Artsy Findings

My name is Cheryl Waters and I reside in Portola Hills, Southern California with my husband of 21 years and my thirteen year old daughter.  While I work full time in law enforcement, I so enjoy teaching and creating art.  I am a mixed media artist and a craft ambassador (for six years) for a large arts and crafts manufacturer, regularly published artist who enjoys connecting by teach all over the nation for several manufacturers.  I also enjoy being a guest designer for wonderful and inspiring companies such as Vintage Street Market, Jenni Bowlin, Art Glitter Institute, Plaid and more.  I call Artsy Findings my on-line home and business and excited to share.
Photo Courtesy of Cheryl Waters

As a family, we started Artsy Findings in November of last year.  Art has always been a family affair and no different in this case.  My husband handles the logistics and my daughter, mom and dad help as well.  I provide the creative portion of the business.  We acquired the site from a dear friends, Gail Lopez and Melody Ross.  When we acquired the site I changed it up and provided some fun Artsy Findings collections and now we carry all of GCD lines and Chip Art which I love.          

My typical day is one of uniqueness where I’m off to work early (my law enforcement job) and put in a full ten hour day.  Each day is different.  I work in the Community Support Unit.  I usually come home spend time with family and then take a bit of time to create.  Because of working ten hour days I am able to have a three day weekend, one day of which I usually spend planning classes or creating for a specific manufacturer’s project.  I am such a night owl and it’s not abnormal that I stay up to 1 or 2 a.m. creating.

I am inspired by so many things around me.  I love nature, other’s art, vintage findings, treasures that others might call trash, music,  my faith and family also inspire! 

My favorite part of the business is the wonderful people I am able to come into contact with and build a relationship with.  I also love to create with the product we carry in the store and love to share with others what I’ve learned  and how I’m inspired.  Not only do we have a store front at Artsy Findings but a blog, galleries (both my work and those of Artsy Findings friends and customers as well as AF outings), tutorials (more to come in the next few months), and soon to come classes.

Balance is so important as you can surely get caught up with your passion just spending so much time creating forgetting about your other responsibilities.  I know I can tend to get off balance from time to time.  I do enjoy however that my family all play a role in the creative journey and business.  This is lovely!  I so enjoy setting aside a good amount of time to just spend with family.  We enjoy playing games and being outdoors together . . . which also provides balance and a step away from projects you’re working on. 
I have a studio space.  While it’s not a complete room set aside, it’s an area that’s large and has all my favorites that inspire me from pastels, watercolor, vintage findings to patterned paper and ink.  It is filled with things I’ve created as well as things that others have created for me.  It’s a place of comfort!
Photo courtesy of Cheryl Waters
While I absolutely love the variety of incredibly beautiful paper lines and embellishments we carry and I so enjoy putting together vintage collections for sale, I think my favorite product to create with would be Chip Art.  In my gallery you can find several ways I’ve used it on leather, chipboard, wood and more.  It’s an awesome versatile tool.  Stay tuned for upcoming tutorials and classes on Chip Art as well.

Please come and visit me on  From this main page you can feel free to travel on to the blog – I’d love to get to know you better, choose a gallery you’d  like to browse or check out Chip Art tutorials.

Thank you for allowing us to share and please feel free to utilize the following discount code from Artsy Findings.  I hope to get to know you better. 
Feel free to use the code KATYDID for 20% off of your purchase good for 30 days. 

Warmest wishes for a creative day!