Friday, April 20, 2012

Outdoor Entertaining

Just two quick tips for entertaining today.  You are spending some time having fun in your backyard this weekend, aren't you?
Veggie Trays:  Veggie trays don't have to be green!  Spring has sprung and there are a wide variety of colorful veggies available right now.  Personally, I love the purple cauliflower.  How often to you get to put purple on the veggie tray?
Cold Drinks:  We use our potting bench as a drink station.  Last weekend, we put juice boxes on ice in the backyard for the kids who were over, but we also use it for adult parties as a bar.  We use the recessed dirt bin to put drinks on ice and store extra bottles of wine and cases of beer on the shelf below. 

Share your outdoor entertaining tips below.