Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pressing Reset

Place mat by Laura Bray
Some days (okay most) I frustrate myself.  For weeks I will be focused.  I eat healthy.  I take care of myself.  I am honest about how I really want to spend my days.  Then something comes up and I lose my focus.  I commit to things I don't really want to do.  I eat unhealthy.  I get frazzled.  Then I sit down with my journal, regain my focus, and start the whole process all over again.  Old habits die hard.  I wonder if I will I ever be able to be consistent?  Why is it so easy to fall back into old habits and so difficult to create new habits? 

I'm feeling a little lost today.  I've had a busy few weeks getting ready to go tape the Sheryl Borden show and now that it's over, I'm feeling shell-shocked.  I'm looking around my house, and seeing the messes that have piled up.  I want to relax, but I feel like I've gone off course again.  Sigh.  Do you have days like these?  How do you get back on track?