Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Puppet Theater Tutorial

We have recently been making an effort to watch less television.  We've never watched huge amounts, but I was curious to see what would happen to our lives if we reduced our TV time even further.  It really wasn't difficult. I just didn't tell my daughter we were doing it.  No big sweeping statements.  I just stopped offering it as often and on weekend mornings would watch the time and when she had spent an hour watching cartoons, I would come in and tell her to go get dressed and the TV just wouldn't come on again.  The amazing thing is her creativity has exploded as a result.  She's always been creative, but it's gone crazy with less TV. 
One of her new creative interests has been to put on puppet shows, so I decided to encourage her by making her a puppet theater.  There are a million tutorials for making an inexpensive puppet theater, but here's my take on the project.


  1. Cut a window into the center of your tri-fold display board.
  2. Using painter's tape create vertical stripes on display board.
3. Paint stripes and then remove the painter's tape.  Allow paint to completely dry.
  1. 4. Create felt flowers.  You can create these freehand or using a die cut machine. 
5. Glue the felt flowers onto the puppet theater. Glue buttons into the center of the flowers.  You can also create a banner using felt & buttons.

6. Glue a lightweight frame underneath the theater window.  Paint inside of the frame with chalkboard paint.  This will allow your child to write in the name of their show.

7.  Measure window opening and sew fabric curtains.

8. Use Velcro (R) Brand Fasteners to attach curtains to the inside of the theater.  I used a combination of the adhesive backed fasteners (to attach to the theater) and the sew-on fasteners (sewn to the fabric).  I figured this would ensure that both sides would be secure as possible.  Other tutorials use rope to hang the curtains, but I was pretty sure that would come down in a few days.  This solutions also ensures that the theater can fold-up which allows for easy storage.

Now all you have to do is get out the puppets and start the show.  The theater can also be used as a drive-thru window for your child's make believe restaurant. 

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