Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to Fix Dress-Up Shoes

When I was a little girl (you know a sentence that starts like that is going to involve some high & mighty statements), my dress-up shoes were my mom's old high heels.  In fact, my dress-up clothes were her old clothes.  No pre-made, perfectly-fitted princess dress for me.  I think children today are missing out as we whittle away at their imagination.  If everything looks exactly like it's supposed to look, they don't have to be creative in their play.  And they don't have to use their inner eye to see themselves as princesses.  Instead, it's right in front of them in the mirror.
But I say all this in hindsight.  Our house is filled with princess dresses and shoes and once they get in, it's pretty hard to get them out.  Not only do they suck the imagination out of a dress-up session, they also break.  Cheaply-made goods don't stand up to the wear and tear of days and days of dress-up.  And then there are tears over broken junk.  So, in a futile attempt to fix the dress-up dilemma, I have started asking my daughter to help me fix whatever breaks.  I set her loose in my studio and she picks new embellishments for whatever is broken.  This week a pair of fairy shoes were created with faux flowers & butterflies.  They are so much prettier than princess shoes (licensed characters), don't you think?  I feel like there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.  As my daughter outgrows her dress-up clothes, I'm starting to replenish the stock with my old shoes and clothes.  And you know what?  Those are quickly becoming much more popular with my daughter and her friends.

 Did you have a favorite dress-up item when you were a child?  What was it?